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Friday, February 10, 2017

Styled Shoot Modeling Tips and Tricks

Photography: Jamee Edwards
Sweater: Blanknyc / Jacket: Blanknyc / Jeans: Rag and Bone (old similar here + here) / Boots: Vince Camuto / Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
This post is up a little late because I was so exhausted from being apart of a styled shoot yesterday. Right as I walked in my front door I passed out of my bed, and woke up at 4:20 am this morning to teach at PB Glendale. I responded to a model call last week where I was going to be the bridesmaid for the shoot, but became the bride at the last minute due to the original model dropping out. 

You think I'm sick of doing bride modeling yet?! Not a chance!!!! Modeling for wedding shoots is still my favorite thing to do! For those of you who have never worked on styled shoots here is a few insights to what a typical day goes like.

  • Behind every styled shoot there is the BTS action that goes into a project. Before you even shoot you need to get your hair and makeup done (HMU). HMU typically takes between 2-3 hours, and sometimes longer depending on the look (my halloween makeup typically takes longer). Make sure you arrive on time to HMU since the shoot is on a schedule due to lightening. Since you will be sitting in a makeup chair for hours wear comfy clothes such as leggings, and a comfy shirt. I typically like to wear zip ups or wear a sports bra while I'm getting HMU done so that when I need to change I don't mess up anything with taking my top off. 
  • Bring underwear, beige bra, strapless bra, and typically your own shoes for a wedding shoot. I have two pairs of heels that I have gotten from companies that I bring with me on shoots. Since I am small chested I don't ever wear a bra with modeling wedding dresses. 
  • Typically when you borrow a sample dress from a wedding boutique it will be larger than your normal size. I always bring clamps with me for any type of shoot to tighten the clothes. I bought some clamps at home depot that cost me less than a dollar each. (If you go onto my insta story you'll see me clamped up from yesterdays shoot). 
  • Bring some snacks. Since it's going to be a long day you need to keep your energy up. I will typically bring carrots, bars, or chopped up fruit with me on a shoot so that I am able to munch throughout the day. I go for things that are lighter so that I can keep munching without feeling bloated for pictures. 
  • If the HMU artist isn't going to be on location during the shoot bring a small makeup bag. If your outside you might need to touch up as you shoot so it's good to bring some powder, foundation with a beauty blender, lipstick or gloss, tease brush, hairspray, and extra bobby pins. 
  • If your photographer is wanting to shoot you with a co model make sure you are 100% comfortable shooting with someone of the opposite sex. If you aren't comfortable with strangers being close to you then it will translate in the images. I am very much a free spirit, and am immediately comfortable with people. Determine what your limits are with shooting with a co model, and make sure you vocalize that with the photographer and model before the shoot starts. 
  • If you are shooting with a co model remember "THIS ISN'T REAL LIFE." Look at modeling as an acting job, and it is your job as the model to portray the character. So many people have mistaken my co models as my husband in shoots just because of how close I will get to someone. Whenever I shoot I can mentally get myself into the character because I can separate work from my real life.
  • The most important thing is to have fun! I love love love working on set, and having a blast with the crew.
Hope you enjoyed this little insight into part of my life. Here's a sneak peek from yesterdays shoot :)
Photography: Jamee Edwards

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