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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Advanced Plank Series

Bikini season is just right around the corner, and it's time to #getbackthepack. Right before I left for my cruise I was working my butt off in the gym to get the abs ready for some bikini frolicking in Mexico. You guys know me, I love a good ab workout. Here is an advanced plank series that will hit the core, side waist, and burn out the upper body. If you try out this series and like it always write a comment about your experience! I love hearing what you guys have to say!

What you will need: Nothing. Just yourself!

Primary targeted muscles: Core, obliques, upper body.

Modification for wrist injury: Find a bench and place your hands on the bench, and do the series from there. 

The Workout

1. Start off in a full body plank position with arms slightly wider than your shoulders. Maintain a bend in the elbows, and have weight shifted into the palms. Lift one leg in the air straight with a pointed toe.

2. Pull the knee forward so that the knee is slightly in front of the hip.

3. Swing the knee across the body.

4. Extend leg straight while keeping the toe off the floor (in this image it might look like my foot is touching the floor just because of the angle).

5. Reverse the whole movement to bring back to the original position. Bend knee in -> open the knee up so its inline with the hip -> extend leg back straight.
Do this 10x for each side!

Leggings: Lululemon (obsessing hard over these here) / Tank: Beyond Yoga (on SALE! Also loving this one too here) / Bra: Lululemon / Hat: Target / Socks: Pure Barre


  1. Are the leggings too long? As a fellow petite, I suggest getting the cropped or 7/8 pants version.

    -Kirsten // pork & cookies

  2. Hi kristen

    So these are actually the 7/8 crops that fit me like normal leggings. As a PB teacher I always need for my leggings to go under my heel just because I feel like it makes my leg longer ;)

  3. Gorgeous! X




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