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Monday, March 27, 2017

T3 Micro Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe Review

Hot Rollers: T3 Micro c/o / Shirt: Bebe (old similar here) / Jeans: Rag and Bone / Lips: Fire N Ice Lipsense / Vanity: Todd made it for me - similar herehere, and here / Vanity Stool - Goodwill find $5 then added in geometric wood on sides and reupholstered / Rug: Overstock / Mirror: old (similar here) / Monogram Tray: Shelby Ann Gifts c/o /Hand: Hobby Lobby / Hand Mirror: Holly Tree Frames c/o / J Block: Home Goods / Gold Vase: Goodwill - DIY spray painted it gold / Wall Mirrors: Home Goods / Perfume: Viva La Juicy / Chevron Tray: Home Goods (similar herehere) / Bird Jewelry Tray: Home Goods (similar here and here) White Vase: Goodwill / Flowers: Amazon / Mason Jars: Oh Lola and Co c/o / Polka Dot Tray: Home Goods / Pineapple Dish: Urban Teal c/o
Happy Monday everyone! You guys know that I LOVE talking hair, and with that said, I have a treat for you today. For today's post we are going to be talking about how to achieve that ideal "blow out" that is super easy to do, and is not damaging to your hair. Say what? Not damaging?!!!
 Keep reading and I'll tell you how... ;)

T3 Micro was so kind to send me these Volumizing hot rollers to review for all of you lovely followers. If you missed my other posts about reviewing the T3 wand and flat iron check them out here + here

Let me just say that whatever I put on my blog is something that I love, and want to share with you guys. Whenever I do a review it's completely honest, and I want to always be authentic with my followers. Sorry for the ramble, but I just hate how bloggers will promote a product just to get paid. 

Ramble over let us dive in. 

When I received my rollers in the mail I was so excited, and curious to see what the rave was all about. The first thing that comes to mind when I think "rollers" is tight "little orphan Annie" curls. After doing some research on these curlers I found out that "dorky curls" are a thing of the past, and that this product creates smooth, bouncy, volumizing curls. Fact or fiction? Let us see..

 When I opened up my box this is what was inside:

  • 4 - 1.75 inch rollers
  • 4 - 1.5 inch rollers
  • 8 - crease free clips
  • Leather storage bag
  • Heating dock for the rollers
So what makes these curlers different than others? I'm glad you asked!
T3 uses their heatcore technology that is embedded in each of the rollers.  This technology evenly transfers heat to the hair creating that ideal styling temperature. The velvet outer layer on the curlers allows for you to roll your hair around the curler without having to worry about the hair slipping out. Another bonus for the velvet layer is that it creates shiny smooth hair! The benefits of using these rollers over a curling iron is that a) you can create lots of volume through the body and crown, and b) your hair won't get toasted by the curlers.

So the pictures you see here are when I first used the rollers, and I love how my hair turned out. I started off with clean straight hair, and brushed through to make sure there wasn't any tangles. I then turned on my heating dock, and allowed for the curlers to heat for about 15 minutes. I then split my hair into three sections (starting at the top), and wrapped my hair around the curlers. After all the curlers were placed I did my makeup for about 35 minutes, and then took out the curlers. Another bonus about these curlers is that it took me 10 minutes to put them in vs 25 minutes to curl my hair with a wand. In the words on Donald Trump this was a "HUUUUUUUUUUUGE" time saver! I started at the bottom layer of my hair, removing each curler one by one. As I removed each curler I unrolled my hair by twisting it in the direction of the curl as I took it out. After all the rollers were removed I gave a quick tease at the back of my hair (I have a stubborn calic).

I love how my hair turned out, and the effortless curls it created. The only complaint I have about this product is that for my hair length, and thickness I wish I had two more curlers.

Hope you liked the review :)

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