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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wellness Wednesday - Sephora Healthy Skin & Hair Review: Play Box

For todays "Wellness Wednesday," we are going to be talking about products that are healthy for your skin and hair. A couple weeks ago I saw someone opening this Sephora Play box on an insta story, and everything she pulled out of the box was large samples like you would see in a Birchbox. I commented on the story, asking about the box, and how much it was. To my surprise the box was only $10 a month!!! Done. Sold. Box ordered. 

Since I have such sensitive skin, that is acne prone, I love to try out new products when I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for them. 

What's great about this box subscription is that every month you'll receive:
  • Free one on one tutorials at your local Sephora when you bring in your box's card.
  • If you are a Beauty Insider then you can get 50 additional beauty points by bringing in your play card.
  • Book with tips, tricks, and beauty advice.
  • Access to "How to" video content on
  • A collectible bag that goes with the current month's theme (this month the theme is "Gleam Team").
  • 5 large samples + fragrance.

Let's dive into what's in March's box, shall we....

Living Proof - Full Dry Volume Blast

This product is probably one of the largest samples I have every received, and is a perfect size to travel with. This spray is perfect for delivering volume and texture to hair while creating a silky soft feel. Lots of texture sprays add weight to hair creating a "waxy" feel, but this product creates texture that is "lighter than air." This product is also great for old hair to refresh a style by using powders that are oil controlling and light weight. Say hello to hair with volume, and braids that will never slip out ;)

Algenist - REVEAL Concentrated Aluminizing Drops

This product is perfect for the upcoming summer months when it's all about achieving that glowing skin. These drops are suppose to be a liquid highlighter that gives a "soft, focused, illuminated, radiance" that can be used on top of foundation, or can be used as a tinted moisturizer by mixing it with foundation and moisturizer. The drops capture and diffuse light with their ultra fine silver pigments giving that radiant healthy glow to skin. What's even more amazing about this product are the ingredients. It contains Algacorrecting Complex which helps regenerate and protect skin overtime. The ingredients also help color correct uneven skin tone. 

Make Up For Ever - Artist Shadow

Nothing super special about this product. It's just a fun eye shadow to add to the collection ;)

Benefit - Watts Up! Cream to Powder Highlighter

This product I think is going to be one of my favorites for highlighting and contouring. This cream to powder formula is super easy to use without worrying about making a mess while delivering soft sheen. Dab it on the cheeks, down the center of the nose, cupid's bow, and brow bones to enhance your facial features.

GLAMGLOW - GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer 

Last but not least, lets talk about this killer two-in-one moisturizer. I am probably most excited about this product because the reviews are amazing, and people have claimed that it already has improved their skin within 30 days. This is a daily moisturizer that contains a light reflecting formula that blurs, reflects, and enhances your complexion even under your makeup. This product contains green tea, vitamins, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid to energize and moisten skin. 

This box is seriously my latest craze, and allows me to try all the latest products for only $10! Just let that amount sink in for a sec. If you love beauty products as much as I then this box is for you! 
Just saying ;)


  1. I got mine yesterday!! Such a great box this month!!

  2. The box is so fun right?! I feel like the odd man out since I just heard about it and everyone already knows about it lol

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