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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Kayla Itsines Sweat App Review

Bra: Onzie c/o / Leggings: Onzie c/o / Lips: Pucker and Pout - Apple Cider
Incase you haven't caught onto the hottest workout that has taken over all social media let me introduce you to Kayla Itsines Beach Body Guide. If you go onto Instagram, and type in #bbg then you will see over 5 million posts about women's progress through Kayla's program. The BBG workout has created  a community of women that all encourage one another to live a healthier, and fitter lifestyle. 

This workout was designed by Kayla to help women lose weight, and work towards that beach body. The program is based upon HIIT and LISS cardio mixed with high intensity workouts. Since I love taking on new fitness challenges I decided to do the BBG, and I am currently on week 3. I can't wait to share with you guys a full review of the program with before and after photos. 

What Does it Cost?

When I decided to start the BBG program I downloaded the app. There's two options you can do as far as payment for the app. The first option is to pay $19.99 per month or you can save money by paying $54.99 for the three month program. 


Having Kayla's program being mobile has definitely made her program more convenient, and interactive through its portable coaching. The app has several features on it including a daily meal plan with recipes, progress report, and a planner to help plan out your workouts for the week. 

Part of the main screen includes a swipe feature between the different components of the workout: Recovery, Cardio, and Rehabilitation. Each one of these sections will vary between the weeks.  Inside the Resistance section it will include the different workouts. Inside the workouts it will show you videos of each exercise, and how many times you should be doing them. Once you click start the 7 minute timer will start where you have to do the workout as fast as you can with a 30 second break before you start the next circuit. Each workout will last 28 minutes. 

What I Am Loving About This App

This app is honestly so user friendly, and very easy to navigate. I love that there is videos for each section to give you that visual on how your body should move. I love the timer built into the app which makes you feel like you are working against the clock. Also, keeping track of your workouts that you have done, and that you need to do is so easy because of the built in diary. The bottom line is I think this app is amazing for anyone wanting to try the BBG workout. I am definitely sore from doing this program, and always fear when leg day comes along!

Have you guys tried the BBG yet? If so tell me about your experience! 


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