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Friday, May 12, 2017


Photography: Jamee Edwards
Top: Target (comes in blue too!) / Jeans: Rag and Bone / Bag: Gigi New York c/o / Boots: Vince Camuto (on SALE) / Lips: Pucker and Pout - Apple Cider

You guys my life is finally getting back on track!!Thanks for hanging in with me over the past couple weeks with my posts going up later than they should, and posting 4x vs 5x a week. Be prepared next week to see J Petite back on regular schedule! Hallelujah!!!

Today I wanted to talk about leadership, and how it can make you learn a lot about yourself. Recently I became a Senegence distributor (aka Lipsense) to bring in some extra money for our move to Texas, and in just under 2 months I have already built up a team of 10 ah-mazing ladies who are already kicking some major #seneass! With having my team grow so big and fast I have become their leader, and that's where all my time has gone to.  

Back when I was in college I was absolutely obsessed with Organic Chemistry, and was a SI leader for 4 years. What I loved about being an instructor was the ability to teach, and watching my students succeed. Since I had such a passion for the subject I taught with passion, and in turn my students became passionate about the topic as well. Nothing gave me more satisfaction than my student texting me about them solving a big chemistry problem by themselves or getting higher scores on their tests. When we moved to Arizona 4 years ago I was so far from a major university that I couldn't pursue my tutoring anymore. I was sad that my teaching had to take the backseat, but supplemented it with continuing to teach Pure Barre. 

Fast forward 4 years later now I am a leader for my Senegence team. I have absolutely loved building a team because it gives me the same satisfaction like I had with teaching chemistry. I have gained a personal relationship with each one of my teammates, and get all excited when they text me about a question or to gain advice. As a leader I do online trainings of how to build their business using the power of social media, give daily tips to better their businesses, offer solutions to problems, and help in anyway I can to elevate the growth of their gloss empire. There is a certain satisfaction you gain when you help others succeed. When one of my girls had her first party I was literally stalking her insta story to see all the sneak peeks because I love seeing the growth of each one of my girls. 

Since being back in a leadership role a little older and wiser I have learned so much about myself within two months. I've always been about community over competition, and even more so since being with Senegence. So many amazing women are apart of this company, and are so willing to help one another. That sense of community is what excites me everyday, and makes me want to be that person who can give that sense of belonging to others. Another thing I have learned is to not judge a book by its cover, and that everyone has the same potential to do amazing things. I went to a training not that long ago, and I met some amazing women that are dominating the Senegence game that I wouldn't think would do well. Seeing examples of successful women has made me take a step back, and realize that anyone can be a leader and succeed with the right amount of determination and willingness to go all the way! 


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