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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wellness Wednesday - My Favorite Products for Healthy Skin

For todays "Wellness Wednesday" we are going to switch gears from talking about diet to talking about taking care of your skin. As I have aged I have gone through countless products to find things that are good for my skin, and that will be good for my adult acne. Here are some newbies and oldies that are currently in my makeup bag. Now lets talk about these products, and their benefits shall we??

Lipsense Lip Balm
Incase you haven't caught on now, but currently I started to sell Senegence products more commonly known as the company that sells Lipsense - the lipstick that lasts 4-18 hours. With wearing Lipsense your color will actually last longer the more you wear it because your lips go through an exfoliation period. On the days when I am feeling lazy I use my Lipsense lip balm instead because it doesn't contain wax, and wax build up is partly why Lipsense won't last as long. This balm is also amazing because it contains the Sene Complex which contains restorative and anti aging benefits. The moisture rich botanical helps hydrate the lips leaving you lips feeling unbelievably soft. You can purchase this product directly from me for $20.

Ole Henriksen African Tea Cleanser
Boy, oh boy, I freaking love this cleanser!!!! I have been using this cleanser for about 2 years now, and I am seriously obsessed! I became in love with Ole Henriksen after using their Vitman Plus lotion (so sad its now discontinued), and from there I discovered this cleanser. What I love about this cleanser is that it's A) gentle on my skin, B) non drying, C) offers anti aging benefits, and D) doesn't make me break out. This product also anti inflammatory properties which helps sooth zits during a break out. I seriously can't say a bad thing about this cleanser because its soon amazing!!! The ingredients that make this product my ride or die is that its infused with antioxidant rich African tea, and Ester C. 

Ole Henriksen Mattifying Creme
A couple months ago my all time favorite Ole Henriksen moisturizer Vitamin plus got discontinued. When I went to Sephora to replace my VP I had no idea what product could compare. After seeking the advice of one of the Sephoras specialist they told me that this mattifying creme would give me similar benefits. This creme is almost identical to the old one I used to use, and I love it!!!! The biggest reason why I love this moisturizer is that its hydrating, but not greasy. I can wear this under my makeup, and it absorbs so much into my skin that it won't make my foundation move. The health benefits for the skin include reducing pore appearance, improves skin quality, contains vitamins - A C D E, calms the skin, balances the skin, reduces oil, and hydrates the skin. 

Origins Clear Improvement Mask
I have used this mask for a couple years now, and it has become part of my weekly routine. I will get blackheads around my nose, and this mask works like a charm to remove the blackheads out of my pores. This product will give you the most bang for your buck. During times when I am in a middle of the break out I will use this mask, and it will clear my skin without leaving it dry. 

Origins GinZing
Now this is a sample that I got from my Sephora play box, and I am in love!!! This product is killer for brightening the eyes, and getting rid of dark circles. Ever since using this product I feel like the skin under my eyes have become more bright in one month!!! Now thats ah-mazing! The product lightens and brightens with it's key ingredients of coffee beans, Panax ginseng, and Magnolia Extract. 

Senegence Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer 
With being a Senegence distributor I get to try out lots of products since I can get a discount on them. My fellow sene friends raved about the CCT, and so naturally I tried it to see what the hype was all about. OH-EM-GEE YOU NEED!!! No joke. I freaking love this product, and anyone who tries it has loved it. This product is absolutely amazing because it's the perfect foundation replacement for summer. There is nothing I hate more than my foundation melting off me during the summer because of the heat. The CTT is super light weight, and won't move by the time your day ends. This product is not only long lasting, but is good for your skin! It contains a mechanical shield which is the equivalent of SPF, contains the anti aging Sene Complex, reduces free radicals which cause surface level blemishes, decreases sun/age spots, and counteracts redness. The CTT offers sheer to medium coverage depending on how you apply it. I get medium coverage from it by using a damp beauty blender. Another crazy thing about this product is that it's color correcting meaning it will adapt to three shades darker or lighter. That alone is amazing because you won't have to worry about buying another color when your skin starts to get tan with summer since the color will adapt! This product you can purchase from me for $45, and it's amazing!

Vitamin Nectar Face Mask
Now this was another sample that I received form my Sephora play box, and intend to buy more once I use up my sample all up. After a month of using this product I feel like my skin has become more bright, and even! Since this product contains 50% of crushed citrus it can improve skin radiance up to 30% after just one use. Yep....this is for sure going to be a bathroom staple.

You've heard me list my favs, now tell me yours!


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