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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Workout Wednesday - BBG Progress & Tips to Stay Motivated

I've gotten some questions about how to stay motivated with the BBG workout, and I wanted to talk about my experience with the program so far and staying motivated. For those who aren't familiar the BBG (Beach Body Guides) workout is a fitness routine created by Australian trainer Kayla Itsines, and is designed to create that coveted beach body. To read more about the app, click here for a previous post I did. 

Week 10 Progress & Thoughts

I technically should be on week 13, but a little thing called life gets in the way making you repeat week 9 3x. Doing this program regularly has been one of the hardest programs that I have ever done, and every week I DREAD leg day. How do I feel? Great!!!! When I first started this program I thought that it was going to make my legs bulkier especially my calves. I naturally have very muscular calves (actually self conscious about them), and was dreading them getting bigger. DREADING!!!! After doing the program for a few weeks I noticed that I was completely wrong. The shape of my legs have actually changed for the better. 

When I first started the program I noticed that there were weeks when jumping was involved. Jessica doesn't ALL!!! The reason for my adversity for jumping is this. Since I am a runner it's high impact for my body, and I like to couple my running with low impact strength training (that's why I love Pure Barre). Also another reason why I don't jump is because when I do my right calf will throb for days. Why? Good question.... should probably go to the dr about that one. Going from week 0-week 7 I did no jumping, and just modified moves. After week 7 I decided that I wanted to do the routine all out, and to see how it goes. My calve throbbed for the first little bit, but now I am a jumping machine!

I have definitely noticed a change in my body, and a change in how my muscles are shaped. My changes are small because I am already in good shape, but I definitely see a change. I can't wait to show you my progress pictures one day. 

Tips on Staying Motivated With the Program

  • Take Pictures - Taking a picture at the end of every week will seriously help you to stay motivated. You will start seeing changes in your body, and that alone is progress to keep going. 
  • Do Leg Day on Mondays - Leg day to me is the hardest workout of the week, and I personally dread it. If you knock it out the first day of the week then the rest of the week is easier to get through. 
  • Do you workout at the same time - By doing your workout at the same time everyday then it's easier to plan it into your schedule. 
  • Grab a Friend - If you can make your workout a social thing then it will be way more enjoyable, and holds you accountable to another person.
  • It's ok to repeat weeks - Life gets in the way, and sometimes you can't complete a week. Instead of feeling defeated just repeat the week until you are able to complete it. Since I was so busy with moving to Dallas I had to repeat week 9 3x.  
  • Stalk Hashtags - As I was writing this I asked a friend about what motivated her to keep with the program, and she mentioned stalking hashtags. "If I wasn't ever in the mood or was having an off day I'd legit go to the hashtags #bbgprogress #bbgtransformation."
  • Giving yourself Time - BBG isn't a quick fix it's a lifestyle. Everyone's bodies are different, and everyone's progress will show up differently throughout the weeks. 


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