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Monday, July 3, 2017

Settling In

Dress: Vici / Clutch: Vici / Bracelets: Baublebar here + here c/o + Stella Dot c/o / Necklace: Baublebar c/o / Ring: Baublebar c/o / Shoes: Old (similar here) / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Samon + Luv It
I told myself all last week that I had no excuse, and that my house had to be unpacked at the end of the week. 


It didn't happen. 

Even though we are still living elbow to elbow in boxes I keep telling myself that "Rome wasn't built in a day."If you watch my insta stories then you would of seen that I finally got around to unloading my office. Getting my office all set and organized is going to be key in getting myself back into my work routine. The reason why I did my office makeover last year (posts here) was so that I had a place to work from the brightest room in the house. 

I'm seriously so excited to get my life back in order, and get back into my work routine! 

In other news.... Todd started his first day at the hospital! Today will be his first day on call, and I won't see him for 36 hours. I'm so excited for him to be starting work, but kind of sad that I won't see for so long. 


  1. Fabulous look! Love that embroidered dress!

  2. The settling in process is always so tedious but you will get there! You are looking fabulous in this amazing dress and the wonderful accessories! Such a bright and cheerful look!


    1. Soooo tedious! I just want to clone myself so part of me can unpack and part of me can work. Ha ha

  3. Isn't it so fun?!! I have one from free people that's very similar in blue and this was three times less than that one!!



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