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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Exciting Adventure With Senegence: How, Why, and What is has Done for Me

Today I wanted to talk to you guys more about what I have been up to lately, and to answer some questions that you have been emailing me. I've been meaning to write this post all month, and I am beyond excited to share it with you today! Let's dive right in...

So I have mentioned it a few times before on my blog, but I decided to become a SeneGence (aka LipSense) distributor 4 months ago. LipSense is a SeneGence product, and is a lipstick that is smudge proof for 4-18 hours! LipSense is also gluten free, vegan, wax free, animal cruelty free, non GMO, and is Kosher. Click here to read about how to apply it, and my review of it last year. 
Just like anything I talk about on my blog this is completely authentic, and I'm hoping that this post will answer the questions you've been emailing me. This post is going to be a little long to really show where I was coming from, and how I got there.

My Story on "HOW" I Became a Distributor

Let's rewind back to October of last year when I first started using LipSense. During this time LipSense started to circulate all over social media even though SeneGence has been around since the 90s. Naturally I became curious to the claim that this lipstick couldn't be rubbed off. Was it magic or false advertising? I started to talk with an old blogger friend about it, and she then put me in contact with a LipSense distributor she knew to collaborate with. Once I tried the product I immediately fell in love especially when I would do blog photoshoots/styled shoots, and not have to worry about lipstick getting on my face or clothes between wardrobe changes. I especially loved it when we did our Halloween shoot "I Feel You in My Bones" where I was in complete skeleton makeup, and we used Blackberry for me and my co models lipstick.

From October-Decemeber I worked with the same distributor where she would send me three colors every month, and I would promote her through my social media. Honestly, I didn't even charge her because I just wanted MORE AND MORE COLORS that's how much I loved it! #lipsenseaddict. Every time I would post about LipSense on my blog or social media I saw how people responded to the product, and that's when I first saw potential in this company. During that time other distributors were catching on that I was loving LipSense, and would contact me to become a distributor underneath them. Now anyone who knows me knows I HATE the idea of MLMs, but I seriously loved LipSense. During this period I kept telling myself "I am already way to busy with being a full time blogger, photographer, teaching Pure Barre, and direct sells isn't my thing." Todd always jokes around saying that people in direct sales invite people over for a "party," and locks the door until everyone buys something.

Once my deal ended with the distributor I started to miss getting in new LipSense colors to feed my addiction. I decided to try to find a new distributor to work with, and then searched all over Instagram to find someone to work with. While searching for the perfect distributor I started to realize that women were actually thriving in this business, and sharing how this magic lipstick has changed their lives financially. During that time I heard how a fellow Midwestern wife was bringing in 24k A MONTH from selling SeneGence. Numbers like that don't resonate with me because it doesn't seem attainable. Right?! January was a big research month for me, and started to watch people from a far to see if someone can really build an empire from lipstick. I quickly realized that money like that is real after seeing TONS of proud paychecks displayed over social media. My curiosity was still very active in this business opportunity, but wasn't quite convinced that it was the right fit for me. 
Once February hit I decided  to put out a Facebook post asking my friends if they knew a SeneGence distributor who would want to collaborate for 3 months. I then got a response from a girl named Sydney (my current upline) who wanted to work together who was also a fellow Midwestern Dr wife. I received my first package from her that month, and my LipSense itch was finally being scratched.

As the end of February was approaching I was still watching a mixture of distributors on Instagram that were either bloggers, stay at home moms, and older women that were equally killing it in the business. The fact that women from all walks of life were building their empires while having fun really hit home for me. Once March hit I decided that I needed to get some questions answered, and that I needed to become a distributor if it financially made sense with our upcoming move to Texas. Once my mind was made up I sat down with Sydney, and told her I wanted to become a distributor. We sat for an afternoon while she answered my questions that I could take back to Todd as a way to get him on board. Since I've never done anything like this I wasn't sure how to go about starting my business, and Sydney told me she would help me every step of the way. Now during this time I had an especially close friend that was a distributor, and I ultimately decided to sign up underneath Sydney because "ethically" it felt right to me since I was terminating our deal early to become a distributor.  At the end of March I finally took the leap, and became a distributor. To sign up you pay a fee of $55 underneath your sponsors distributor number, and pay a $5 fee that goes toward a charity. This gets you a handbook, printed materials, training DVD & CD, and access to purchasing products at wholesale value.

When I signed up to become a distibutor Todd wasn't completely sold on the idea, but I wanted him to be my 50/50 partner in this new business adventure. Todd knows that when I commit to something I put in 200% of myself into it, and don't half ass the work that needs to be done. This is where our buisness Pucker and Pout by J Petite was born!

"WHY" I Became a Distributor

For the past three years I have enjoyed becoming an entrepreneur with both my blogging, and my photography work. Nothing gives me more happiness than being able to do the things I'm passionate about, and make my work day be about things I love. Even though I hustle to grow my businesses I still don't make enough to pay for a mortgage, car payments, cell phone bills, while still maintaining to pay expenses that go into running a business.

When January hit that's when we found out that we would be moving to Texas for Todd to do Oral Surgery. This made our next step in life feel even more real, and immediately I started to realize that we were going to have to start paying off Todd's 6 figure dental school loans. I promise... you don't even want to know how expensive school was. I didn't want to graduate from school, and both of us still feel like we need to penny pinch like students. During the last 7 years that we have been married we have been so concerned with money and school that we haven't done a lot of fun things that comes with financial freedom. I was ready to figure out a way for us to start a life in Texas that would allow us to live life a little happier, and not so be stressed on finances. This is when I started to really consider SeneGence as a business opportunity.

If other women were making this opportunity work for their own lives I could do the same thing for my life. My "WHY" behind joining was primarily for the financial freedom for my little family, but I also wanted a new camera too ;)

What Has SeneGence "DONE" For Me Now

I have now been a distributor for 4 months, and I cannot believe the amount of success I have achieved since then. Within 4 months of hard work I have built up my team of 24 amazing women, and have a strong customer basis for selling. Through SeneGence you make money from both selling products, building a team of women, or a combination of both. When I first signed up building a team wasn't ever in the forefront of my mind, but women kept reaching out to me to join my team since day 1 of selling. The only reason I could think of why people wanted to join under me was because I have a genuine excitement and passion for the things I do, and I think that resonates with people. Within my first 2 weeks of selling I started to build my team, and both Todd and I are blown away with how amazing our team is. Seriously...they are ah-mazing! As a Pure Barre instructor and former organic chemistry instructor I have developed the skills that are necessary to lead people so being a leader to my team was a natural transition in my SeneGence adventure. Within the first month of being a distributor my team was growing so fast that Todd and I started creating learning and social media materials that would help educate our new members while I was working with them one-on-one to help set up their business. With being a blogger I educate all my girls how to use social media to their advantage to build their business. I am available 24/7 to all my girls, and help them with whatever they need to accomplish their own personal goals with SeneGence.

Through my hard work, and the efforts my team puts into their own businesses has blessed my little families life in more ways than I imagined. The money that I am making from my SeneGence business has helped us so much financially! After the first month of officially being in business we made back our money (plus some) that we used to purchase to sell to customers. I couldn't believe that as a business we were already cash flow positive, and how many customers were buying from me. This magic lipstick is changing my life in the best possible way. The money I have made from this opportunity has helped us move to Dallas, pay for our bills while waiting for Todd's first Dr paycheck, and now buying us a second car. Having the extra money to make payments on a car has been HUGE for my family since our first car is dying.  SeneGence as a company will pay for a blue car of your choice when you meet certain criteria within your business. Todd and I both think that  within another 2 months we will be able to get my Sene car to replace the other dying one.
While the money has been such a blessing the amount of friendships I have acquired out of this experience was something that I didn't expect to happen. During my last little bit in Arizona the sene friends I made inside/outside of my team are friendships that I know I'll have forever. We have all become each others cheerleaders, and help one another grow. I have talked about it before how I am always "community over competition," and I am completely blown away with how I've seen that within the Sene sisterhood.

This whole experience has been better than I ever could have imagined. I hope this helps answer some of your questions you had for me. If you are interested in joining my team shoot me an email, and I will answer any questions you may have

Purchasing LipSense From Me

If you wish to purchase Lipsense feel free to check out my Facebook page here. For all new LipSense customers you need to purchase what we call a "kit" for $55 + Texas tax + $3 shipping. All new customers get a complimentary makeup bag of your choice. A kit includes a color of your choice, glossy gloss, and oops remover. The gloss is what makes the color last 4-18 hours, and since it molecularly binds to your temporarily the oops remover removes the color. I also offer a 100% money back satisfaction meaning if you don't like the color you chose I can swap it for another, or if you don't like the product in general I'll refund your money in full :) 

Send me an email at for purchase inquiries :)

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