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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

3 Week Review of Rodan + Fields Unblemish

Let me just say that this post isn't sponsored at all by RF or my distributor, and didn't receive this product for free or a discount 
You guys have heard me talk about how I have adult acne, and over the years I've learned what products have worked for me and my face to control it. When I moved to Dallas two months ago everything I thought I knew about my face flew right out the door, and my face flared up like I have never seen it before.

Now when I say I have adult acne I would usually get little zits here and there in the places I would sweat a lot such as around my hairline on my forehead / eyebrows. When I moved to Dallas I was getting acne in places that I HAVE NEVER HAD ACNE AT. The biggest place where I was getting cystic acne was around my jaw, neck, and cheek area. Literally you guys, cystic acne! Every day for a month my face would throb, and I was so embarrassed to go teach since I my teaching pony tail wouldn't hide my face.

I remember crying to Todd saying that I don't know what to do about my face, and all my old remedies weren't working! The Dallas humidity was destroying my face, and I felt completely hopeless that my face wouldn't get better. Todd recommended that I set up a dermatologist appointment, but I knew that trying to get an appointment ASAP would be a "no go" since it typically takes a month or two to get into a derm appointment. I was also questionable about what a dermatologist could do for me since I never had much success with what has been prescribed to me. The only thing that worked for me completely was when I got on Acutane 7.5 years ago, but it was months of hell that I wasn't ready to go back to.

When trying to figure out how to get my face back to normal I was starting to research about Roden + Fields. I know people who sell this, and is always advertised on my Facebook feed. When looking into RF more I primarily saw results on their anti aging systems, and not a ton about the acne systems. Feeling desperate for any sort of resolution I decided to talk to Todd, and ask him if I could purchase the system. With putting all of our Senegence earrings into moving, money was feeling a little tight, and naturally Todd asked me how much it was going to cost.  I told him that the cost of the system was going to cost $180, and from there he told me to wait until the start of the new month so that we can pay for it with our Senegence commission. Now for Todd to agree to such an expensive purchase was completely unlike him, and he knew that finding a solution to my acne was something that meant a lot to me.

When our Senegence commission came in a few weeks later I contacted one of my good friends Stephanie Blodgett who is a RF distributor, and the owner of Pure Barre Draper to tell her that I was ready to purchase. Over the weeks prior to my purchase I was messaging Steph back and fourth about how the acne Unblemish system worked, and I was blown away about her knowledge of the product. She warned me that a side affect of the system could be that I would break out more, and that it's a sign of the system working by purging your skin of dirt in the pores. She assured me that this system would help my face, and I was so excited to get my system in. After she put in my order (thank you Senegence money!) for the Unblemish system my package arrived the next day! We both didn't expect it to come so fast, but the RF shipment came from Dallas so it didn't have a far distance to travel. When I got my package in I did a little happy dance as I opened my box. When opening my package I saw that the Unblemish system comes with a cleanser, toner, acne treatment, and a oil control lotion.

Back story is now over so lets get to my review. Now I would of taken a better before picture, but I was so embarrassed by my acne that I never intended sharing or even creating a blog post out of it. Even though I am so embarrassed about my skin prior to RF I decided I wanted to share it with you guys in hopes that I can help someone who is looking for a solution just like I did.

The image on the left is what I first sent to Steph, and the image on the right is what I took a picture of today. In the picture on the left my face was in so much pain!!! You can't really tell, but each one of those red spots in the left image was a throbbing zit that felt deeply rooted into my skin. Can you see why I was so excited to try RF??

When I first got my package in I started the system the next day. Inside of your system you are given a schedule on how to use the products, and some information about the system. They get you on a schedule so that your face can slowly adapt to the RF products , which is something I've never seen before. On the FIRST day of the system I felt my face already being affected by RF. On the THIRD day I felt my face feeling dry, and the skin on my neck felt flakey. I already noticed that my zits were starting to dry out, and the skin them were flaking off. I couldn't believe that after day THREE of the system I was already seeing results when clinically it could take up to 4 weeks to see any results. 

When I was feeling a little dry the first few days I contacted Steph, and she told me that on the days that I don't use RF to try using a mild cleanser. To add more moisture balance to my skin I started implementing my Senegence Climate Control to add in moisture, and some anti aging component to my new skin care regimen. By the time day 5 hit my skin no longer felt dry. I can't even tell you how thrilled I am with how my skin has improved in such a little amount of time!! I am almost done with week three of my regimen, and my zits have decreased 10 fold. Last week I felt so confident without makeup that I did a makeup tutorial on my Pucker and Pout Senegence group page without a stich of makeup on. Never in my life would I have done that with my adult acne, but RF really does work!!!

My skin isn't flawless from RF, but it has helped it SIGNIFICANTLY in the little amount of time I have used it!! I was first skeptical because of the price, but they offer a money back guarantee. This was by far one of my best purchases this year, and will continue to use RF. If you are wanting to try this product with a consultant that knows who stuff reach out to Stephanie Blodgett. I feel so grateful that she was able to help me find something that worked for me, and making me feel more confident in my own skin. 


  1. Well I'm just thrilled that you have been so happy with your results. I am an R+F consultant too and it's always wonderful to know it's working for people. Thanks for sharing the love! If you don't mind, I'll share this post on my Facebook page sometime. :)

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