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Monday, August 28, 2017

Feeling Nerdy

Photography: Girl on Glasgow 
Dress: VICI / Sweater: Chelsea 28 / Necklace: Brielle Designs c/o / Bag: VICI / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell / Lips: Pucker & Pout - Praline Rose
Something beyond excited happened this weekend!!!

Todd had the weekend off!!! All I can say is FINALLY! This is the first weekend that Todd has had completely off, and I was ready to take full advantage of it. For those of you who know Todd and I as a couple know that we are HUGE Game of Thrones nerds. When we first drove to Dallas during the move we saw a Medevil Times on our way to our new apartment, and we both agreed right there and then that Medevil times was going to be the place that we celebrated the season finale. Could you think of a better way to end the season finale? ;)

Saturday morning I worked a Lipsense Pure Barre pop up shop at one of the studios I work at followed by an hour of teaching. Once I got done at the barre I drove straight home to get ready for the evening because this was going to be our first night out. I sit back and laugh that we have been here for two months, and our first night out is going to filled with jousting and dinner. #gobigorgohome. We had such a fun time nerding it up, and our time together out of our house was something that we desperately needed. 


  1. This is such a great idea to celebrate the finale! I'm a huge GoT nerd and soo sad that the season is over and now we have to wait for so long...Btw you look great, the dress is really beautiful.

  2. Oh I Am glad to hear you had some time together! You are wearing fantastic colors!

  3. Jessica, I am so happy to hear that you and Todd got a weekend together! And doing something that you both love. How fun...nerdery and all! You look fabulous. I am absolutely loving this dress!


  4. Gorgeous fall look! Love that dress...fabulous color and detail. Great cardigan too!



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