Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Runner's High Mix

With the fall in full swing I'm ready to transfer my daily run from the treadmill to the trail. If you are currently looking for a new playlist that will keep you going during a long run look no further. These fresh beats are my current favs, and keep me going when the number of miles I need to log seem impossible. You can also check out the playlist on my spotify playlist here.

If there is a jam that you love to workout to I would love to hear about it in the comments. I'm always loving music suggestions that will make my workouts even better!

  1. Havana - (Extended Workout) Power Music Workout
  2. All in My Head - (Extended Workout) Power Music Workout
  3. Hands To Myself - (Workout Remix) Workout Music TV
  4. Look What you Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
  5. Came Here Fro Love - (Extended Workout) Power Music Workout
  6. Unforgettable - (Extended Workout) Power Music Workout
  7. Dreams - Alexa Ross
  8. Thinking Out Loud - (Extended Workout) Power Music Workout
  9. Don't Tell 'Em - (Workout Extended) Junior Torrey
  10. The Motto - (Workout Mix 128 bp) Power Music Workout 

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