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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Workout Wednesday: Review of Class Pass

Today I wanted to share with you something that I recently started to try, and that is Class Pass. Incase you haven't heard Class Pass is a fitness membership that is located in over 40 cities, and is increasing in popularity all over the US as a way to work out. 

Recently I've been wanting to find a good yoga studio to attend after doing long runs, and figured that Class Pass would be an awesome way for me to sample different studios to find the one I like best. Class Pass is so much more than yoga, and offers tons of different studio work outs. With boutique workouts still being the latest craze Class Pass offers you a wide variety of fitness classes such as barre, pilates, spin, gym time, HIIT, strength training, martial arts, rowing, dance, boxing, yoga, and many more. 

How Class Pass Works

To get started with Class Pass you pay for how many classes you want to attend for the month coming in either as a 3 pack for $35, 5 pack fro $55, and a 10 pack for $105. Buying classes through CP is cheaper than buying single classes at each studio, which is a huge benefit for when you are trying to find a class you like. Note that when you make your first purchase of classes this puts you into an auto renewal where CP will charge you for the same amount of classes you initially purchased each month. Even though you are put into an auto renewal you can cancel or pause your membership at any time. 

Once you purchase your classes then you can download the app on your phone to schedule your classes. I really like the app because it shows you all the classes that are available by time, and you are just a click away from booking your class. Make sure that if you are attending a class at a studio for this first time that you arrive 15-20 minutes early so that you can fill out a waiver, and for the instructor to set you up for class. 

Benefits of Class Pass

One thing that I really like about CP is that when I travel home to Utah for Christmas for 5 days that I can still workout at studios since your membership transfers between cities. This is such a money saver because I used to pay for day memberships everyday I was home at 24 hour fitness costing me almost $100+ each trip home. 

If you ever find yourself in a fitness rut where you don't love what you are currently doing then CP is an awesome way for find something you love. Statistically when you find a workout regimen that feels like play vs work, then you are more likely to stick to a workout consistently.

Your body benefits from mixing up your routine. When do different workouts then you are constantly challenging different muscles, and avoid plateauing with your body. 

Cons of Class Pass

If you are a fitness junkie like me who works out 6x a week, CP would be an expensive way to workout because you would use up all your classes fast. Another con about CP is that you can only visit the same studio only a limited amount of times that month depending on your city. If you find yourself liking a specific studio then at that point it becomes beneficial for you to sign up for a unlimited membership/ or a pack of classes at that specific studio. 

With being a Pure Barre instructor at a boutique studio I have learned that creating a community within the workout is so beneficial to the client as well as the business. Being apart of the community is driven a lot by clients consistently coming, and getting to know one another as well as the staff. When you are on CP it's hard to be consistently present at the studio since you are limited to how many classes you can take.  

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