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Friday, December 1, 2017

Upholding Traditions

Photography: Ella B Photo
Top: J.Crew / Skity: HM (old similar here, here, and here) / Bag: Bebe (old similar here) / Shoes: Badgley Micshka / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 2x Roseberry 1x Fly Girl
Happy December everyone. December is my favorite month out of the year because my birthday is on the 12th, and of course because of Christmas. December is so special to me because it's filled with family traditions like putting the tree up on my birthday, seeing the nutcracker, attending the Edmunds family Christmas party, spending Christmas Eve with my dad/in laws, Christmas day with my dad/mom, sending out Christmas cards, and many more. 

One of my favorite traditions is the one that Todd and I have created. Each year we buy a new ornament for our tree costing the amount of years we've been married, and use a sharpy to write out the year on it. You can only imagine going from $1 to now $7 the ornaments have gotten more ornate. When we start to unpack the ornaments I love to go through each years ornament as I put it on the tree. When placing each year on the tree it's a happy reminder that even though we go through ups and downs in our marriage we always pull through together. 

What are some of your favorite December traditions?


  1. I love December and the Christmas time, too! The tradition you started together with your husband is so beautiful, a really great idea.

    1. It was really important to me that we started a tradition with being married and have loved our tradition so much every year

  2. Your skirt is gorgeous. I love how you paired it with a red top, it goes well with it. December is my favorite month too! We are birthday month twins! Yay!!! I just love all the festivities that is going on even if I wasn't part of it. LOL Every one is just so happy!

    1. Your bday is in December too? What day? mine is the 12 :)

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