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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Brand Feature Splits 59

Photography: Ella B Photo
Sweater: Splits 59 c/o / Leggings: Splits 59 c/o / Shoes: Nike / Hat: Nordstrom (similar here and here) / Bag: Pure Barre / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 1x First Love 1x Cappuccino 1x Bombshell
If you have been following me on my Insta stories then you have noticed that I have been traveling all over Dallas to try out different workouts. I'm usually a create of habit with my workouts, but for some reason I have been enjoying mixing things up. I'm thinking about doing my top 5 studios in Dallas that are on Class Pass as a "Workout Wednesday" post. Thoughts?

With trying out so many different studios this has been my daily uniform. I've never been one to buy crops, and I am all about the full length leggings. I go for the full length to not only keep me warm, but to also make me looks taller (yes it makes us short gals look longer #shortieproblems).  Since Splits 59 is one of my favorite activewear brands I was thrilled when they sent me these beautiful merlot leggings. If you have never tried Splits 59 then girl you are missing out because I'm obsessed. Did I mention that these have a high waist.....

When high waisted leggings became the dominate waist style in the activewear industry I hated it at first. My initial distaste for the high waist came from my waist looking too bunchy when I wore a normal tank over it, or tried to do a front tuck with a muscle tee. The more I wore high waisted leggings the more I fell in love with them. Whenever I go take class at Soul Cycle you can't catch me without my high waisted leggings while dancing on the bike. 

Another piece that you'll see me constantly in is the pull over sweater. Since it's been so cold in Dallas I've been working out and teaching in the pullovers to give me that extra sweat and calorie burn. I honestly wish this pullover from Splits came in more colors because I would buy them all! It's the perfect length for a high waisted leggings, and is so soft against your skin. 

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