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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Workout Wednesday: My Current Workout Routine

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Last week I asked my Instagram followers what they wanted for this weeks post. The options were either me naming my top 5 studios for Class Pass in Dallas or my current workout routine. The verdict was in, and you guys voted that I talk about my current workout routine. 
I'm actually really happy to talk about this today because my workout routine has changed this month since I have stopped doing Kayla (click here to read post). Here's my weekly workout routine that I've been sticking with for the past month that is a combination of cardio, strength training, and yoga for muscle recovery. 


If you follow my Insta stories daily then you probably figured out that I've become obsessed with Soul Cycle, and kick off my week with a 45 minute cardio session. I love SC not only for the workout itself, but for what it offers me mentally. Since I've been doing SC regularly I get asked if my thighs have gotten bigger from spin? I know that spin making women's thighs "bigger" is a common "claim," but honestly I haven't seen a change in my thigh shape. I have definitely noticed that I have been leaning out a ton in my upper body since doing spin. My upper body is the first thing to lose weight most noticeably in my breasts. 
After I get my teaching and blog work done for the day I'll head downstairs to my apartments gym. I'll do gym time for about an hour or more that is a mixture of cardio and weights. Recently I've had to step back from running, and will hop on the elliptical for 20-30 minutes with little resistance. I do this to get my muscles warm. After cardio I'll do an ab workout for 20 minutes followed by arms for 20. Once my strength training is done I'll stretch for about 10 minutes.


On Tuesday mornings you can find me again at SC for another sweat sesh to start off my day. Since my cardio is done for the day I head to the Summit climbing gym where I go do some bouldering. Before I got married I was a die hard climber, and once I got married we were too poor to buy me a membership to train. Fast forward 7 years later, and I am finally in the position where I can afford to train. My training will last from 60-90 minutes, and follow up my training by doing 20 minutes of core work. Climbing is not only about upper body strength, but requires a lot of strength in the core to keep your body stable. 
If I get climbing done by the afternoon I'll go hit up Pure Barre for a 1:00 pm class.


I normally teach early in the am on Wednesday mornings, and will hit SC for their 8:30 am class or try to attend in the evening with a friend. Can you see a trend that I love cardio ;) ?
Once the afternoon hits I'll either go climbing or try out a new studio with Class Pass. When I use my Class Pass I normally go to studios that are pilates or cardio based depending on my mood that day. 


Thursdays are my day off teaching which means a full day of fitness!!! Since I am a creature of habit I kick the morning off with another SC sesh (surprise surprise). By the time Thursday roles around my body is feeling a little tight, and use my Class Pass to go take a yoga class at Uptown Yoga. I've never been a die hard yogi, and go through phases where I do yoga consistently. One of my goals for the new year was to attend a yoga class at least once a week. I'm hoping that with doing yoga consistently every week can help loosen up my left hamstring. 
After yoga I'll head back home to do the same gym work that I do on Monday. 


Fridays are usually busy with teaching, and skip doing SC on this day. Once teaching is done for the day I head over to Summits for 60-90 minutes of training. After I go climbing I head home, and do elliptical cardio for 45 minutes. 


Once Saturday hits I keep the workout light by doing my gym time at my apartment complex. 


Rest day.
I know it might seem like I do a lot, but it's what I love. Fitness is so fun for me, and I love to pack my day with the things that bring happiness to my life while doing something good for my body. What's your favorite way to workout?


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