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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Workout Wednesday: SoulCycle Review

If you have been following my Instagram stories for the past few weeks then you probably would have seen that I have gotten into taking SoulCycle classes. 

What is SoulCycle? SC is an indoor spin studio that incorporates cardio and strength training to a rhythmic beat for 45 minutes per class. All the lights in the studio are turned off, and you do the entire class in a candlelit studio. The class is driven by a motivating instructor, and playlists that are curated by the instructor themselves. 

When I first moved to Dallas I was so excited to see that there was multiple SC locations available in my city since I have been seeing it all over social media. I first found out about SC when I saw that one of my old high school friends was teaching in New York, and have always been intrigued to see what this party on a bike was like. I mentioned to one of the Pure Barre barretenders Anne Elizabeth that I always wanted to try SC, and she then invited me to come take class with her. Little did I know that this girl date would turn into my latest fitness obsession.


For my first class Anne and I decided to take Hayes 6 am, and was excited to start my morning off with a bang. I purchased the new client deal of the first class being $20 vs $30. When I arrived at the studio I loved how the lobby was bright and with motivating quotes on the wall that immediately woke me up for my 6 am class. The studio contains lockers for your belongings, and locker rooms that have awesome amenities such as showers, hair ties, tampons, q tips, razors, hair dryers, and etc. When you go into the studio someone comes to help you set up your bike #lifesaver.  There's a part of class where you use light weights for an upper body workout. Your bike is already equipped with weights, but you can always swap them for a heavier set by the instructor podium before class starts.

What to Wear

I'm usually not the person to wear just a bra when working out, but you quickly learn that you want to shed the layers once the sweat starts dripping to the beat of the music. Wear tight pants such as capris, sports bra, socks, tank, and definitely keep the hair pulled back in a pony tail. Don't worry about bringing special shoes because you can rent them at the front desk for $3.


Soulcycle is know for their signature the "tap back" where you start out of the saddle, and use your core to pull your hips over the saddle. Moves like this make the class more challenging and fun. You do variations where you tap back 1 count or tap it back for 2 then slide it forward for 2.

Some other terminology that will be helpful for your first class is knowing your positions on the bike.

The first position is where you rest your hands on the handlebar center. In this position you'll be sitting in the saddle, and if the choreography calls for it you might be doing pushups here.

Second position is where you rest your hands on the back corners of the handle bars, and your seat will either be in or out of the saddle.

Third position is when you are completely out of the saddle, and your hands are on the ends of the handlebars.

The Class

The instructor typically starts off by asking if anyone is new to SC, asks for their name, and proceeds to breakdown the basics of SC. SoulCyle utilizes the beat of the music to create "dancing" on the bike. You start off with a warm up, hills, sprits, and then throughout the class you vary the resistance depending on the section. During the tail end of class you add in the weight work which is very similar to what I do at Pure Barre. You might feel like 3 pounds is nothing, but when you do tons of reps of an arm exercise your arms want to scream for dear life. Class is finished off with a cool down, and then a stretch while burning anywhere between 300-600 calories.

The Soul Vibe

As I was "tapping back" throughout class I felt like I was in a sexy music video with everyone being in their 20-30s. Literally you guys... it was a sexy class. Everyone half naked, in sync, sweating, and feeding off each others energy made me that more energized to push through class. One thing you need to know about me is if you give me a killer beat mixed with a challenge then Jessica is a happy camper. SC is musically driven, and utilizes the beat to create synchrony among the riding pack.

SC is all about your personal journey, and what you want out of class that day. The instructors cue motivation throughout class making you think that your 45 minute session is a form of workout therapy. You find yourself letting go, dedicating 45 minutes to better yourself, and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. One of the things that I loved during my first class is when Hayes said something like "It's not about working toward perfection its about working toward the best form of you."

Final Thoughts

I am absolutely OBSESSED with SoulCycle, and if you are looking for a workout that your kick your morning off right then this is for you. It is a bit pricey, but it's cheaper than therapy ;)


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