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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Best of Bandier

Bra: Koral / Leggings: Koral / Pullover: Koral

Recently I made a trip over to Bandier to start expanding my activewear horizons, and I couldn't believe how many things I bought from there. Since I'm obsessed with spin these days I've been starting to buy more pieces that are spin friendly. I recently got this rose gold set as an option for my audition outfit this Sunday. Any excuse to get a new outfit right ;)

I also have these PE leggings, and red Stella McCarntney bra. Ya'll... this bra is seriously so sexy on. If you have been looking for a spin friendly legging I've been really loving PE since they are thin without compromising the compressed in the right places feel. 

Here's some of my favorites from Bandier lately, and if you have never checked out their online shop it's the best! 


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