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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Outdoor Voices Review

Tee: Outdoor Voices / Bra: Outdoor Voices / Leggings: Outdoor Voices / Lips: Pucker & Pout - 2x First Love 1x Cappuccino
Recently I've become obsessed with an activewear company called Outdoor Voices. I've talked about them recently in this post here, and want to share a review of this brand today. 

Fabric & Style

All of their fabrics have a heathered look to it, and come in so many fun colors. Over the past few years it has been hard for me to find leggings that I love that aren't black, and so the spring pastels of the OV line is a breath of fresh air. One of the things I love about OV is that each legging will have a matching bra in various styles. My favorite bras from OV is the slash back crop bra, and recently the double time bra. 

Their leggings will come in solid colors, chevron print, and a tri tone print. Since OV doesn't do crazy patterns it keeps your activewear from going out go style. My two favorite styles are 7/8 tri tone legging, and the 3/4 warm up legging. 

All of their leggings come in this compression textured fabric. Once you put on the leggings they feel sturdy, compressed, and still maintain a good stretch. The fabric drys fast so no worrying about sweat marks showing up. 


I sometimes have a hard time finding activewear that fits me, and the xs fits me really great in the tops, and the bottoms. 

I've never become obsessed with a sports bra, but I'm borderline obsessed with the OV bras. I have two of the slash back crops, and one of the double time style. The slash back crops don't offer a lot of support so I don't think someone with a large chest wouldn't like it. Since I am small chested the light support works for me. If you are needing more support then the double time (the one I'm wearing) would be better for you. The band and straps offer support without the straps digging into your body. I LOVE the double time bra. 

Let's move onto the leggings. I have three pairs of the 7/8 tri tone style, and one pair of the 3/4 warm up leggings. Since I am 5'2 I had to get the tri tone style altered in store, but the 3/4 fit me perfectly at the ankle. All of the OV leggings are a mid rise, and will stay put all day. No worrying about pulling them up, or having a saggy butt by the end of the day. 


I've put my OV to many sweat tests, and here's my verdict.

Spin. I know people love OV leggings for spin, but I personally don't. The leggings don't come up high enough on me (my waist is long for my size) to feel sucked in while I'm hunching over the saddle. I also think the material is too thick for spin. I DO love wearing the bras to spin though.

Barre. I love taking and teaching Pure Barre in OV. This is the perfect brand to wear while getting your LTB on.

Yoga. I'm not a huge fan OV for yoga just because I want something that is less compressed so my body can move freely without limitation. 

Errands/Everyday. Outdoor Voices is the perfect brand to rock around town while running errands because A) who doesn't love just wearing activewear all day, and B) the style of OV will make you stand out from a crowd. 


  1. I've been getting more into active wear and this looks amazing and sounds like a great brand.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

    1. Jackie you need to try outdoor voices! Its so flattering with the seaming, and I get so many compliments whenever I wear this brand!

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