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Monday, June 25, 2018

Things To Do in Philly that Are Just Walking Distance Away

Dress: Red Dress c/o / Earrings: Baublebar c/o / Bracelets: Baublebar c/o / Lips: Lipsense - 2x She's Apples 1x Blu Red
Over the weekend we met up with our couple friends in downtown Philly. With missing the city life I contacted my old friend Katrina (we knew her in Utah and Arizona) telling her that I wanted to tour the city with her and her husband. Another exciting thing about seeing Katrina was seeing her pregnant! 

Since Katrina and her husband live in downtown Philly we walked everywhere. I couldn't believe how many things were just walking distance from her house.

Reading Market 

The day before we left to Philly I asked my followers on Instagram some things to do, and so many people suggested Reading Market. Reading Market is one of the oldest and largest farmer's markets. This market was a little different from others I've attended because it had TONS of mini restaurants in it. As we were walking through the market Katrina pointed out the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company. This place definitely didn't disappoint, and their cookies were amazing! Another place she said that was amazing was Beiler's Bakery. This place is known for their dutch inspired doughnuts, and their was a line a mile long from the cashier. 

Historic District

Right after we hit the market we then walked through the Historic District to see the Liberty Bell. I'm not a historic buff at all, but hey, if I can get a picture with the Liberty Bell I'm game. To my surprise you didn't have to pay to see the bell, and the line was only 15 minutes. When we finally got to see the bell it was a lot smaller than I expected, but then again, I don't know much about the bell. 

After we got done seeing the bell we then walked right passed Independence Hall. Independence Hall  is where the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence were both signed. Since we were limited on time we decided not to go take a tour of the hall. 

Elfreth's Alley

Elfreth's Alley was probably one of my favorite places we visited on our mini trip. This alley is one of the oldest alley's in the US, and people still live in it. The alley was so charming with all the brick texture, cobbled road, and bright fun doors. It's actually amazing to see how much of the city has been preserved over all these years. 

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Over at the Spruce Street Harbor Park you get a view of the Delaware river, pop up boat beer gardens, and boardwalk food. This area had such an energy to it, and was filled with so many people. Next time we visit I want to spend more time there. 

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