Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Stretching for Tight Hamstrings

Bra: Outdoor Voices / Leggings: Outdoor Voices / Shoes: Nike

It's been a while since a "Workout Wednesday" has been posted, and I'll blame the move for that ;) Since I am finally settled expect to see Wellness/Workout features every Wednesday again from here on out!

You've heard me talk about this numerous times, but I have a tight left hamstring. I've had this problem for a few years now, and still don't know how I injured it. My injury has prevented me from doing lots of glute/hamstring work because it starts to become painful for my left side. I've learned how to work around this injury, and one of the things that has helped is continuously stretching them out. Here's some of my favorite stretches that has helped loosen up my left hamstring. 

Ground Figure 4

When laying on your back cross one ankle (stretching side) over opposite knee (supporting side). Make sure your stretching side knee stays open, and you pull your supporting side into the chest by either holding onto shin or backside of the leg. Hold for 60 seconds, and repeat for the other side. 

Pyramid Pose

While standing have your legs stay wide and straight. Fold your upper body over the front leg. To feel the deep hamstring stretch think about shifting your body back, and feel that length/stretch in front hamstring. Hold for 1-2 minutes then switch legs. 

Pigeon Pose

When I was doing yoga regularly in Texas this pose was so intense for my muscle. If you have SUPER tight hamstrings go into/ come out of this pose SLOW. For beginners you can maintain an upright posture. For more advanced hinge forward and rest forehead on the floor. I personally love holding this pose for multiple minutes, and breath deeply to work deeper into the muscle. 

Half Splits

In Pure Barre we use this stretch a lot in class after thigh work. To get the most out of this stretch make sure you dig your flexed front heel into the ground. Think of that heel as an anchor, and shift your body back while pressing the front leg down to the floor. You should feel this immediately in the backside of your front leg. Hold for a minute then switch legs. 


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